After years of research and exploration, the undauntable adventurer California Jane has finally found the relic she was seeking for her entire life: the Amulet of Everlasting Eternal Immortality
The legend says that the bearer would be given power over Time and Death.
That should come handy, given the fact that an ancient temple is collapsing over her head!

★ Controls

Move & Push:   ARROW or WASD keys

Jump:   Hold SPACEBAR or LEFT CTRL + Direction

Restart:   R

★ Credits

Zylvaingue  (Dev, Game design, Technical artist)
Jean Werkling  (Game design, Level design, CATERING <3)
Grizzly Cogs  (Music, Sounddesign, Dev)
Pauline Grassi  (Character design, Animation, Illustration)
nonamenosocks  (Background artist)


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hey do you guys still exist?

This looks great, do you have a twitter handle or email I can reach you at?

Thanks ! You can reach us at @NoNameNoSocks or @GrizzlyCogs

Fun and beautiful. Well done!

I would quite like to pay money for a downloadable version of this. 

Always nice to see more 'sokoban adventure' type games being done.

Great color palette but on more  important matters great game!

I loved the game, especially the music! I loved the music enough to open the game and let it play in the background, haha. The gameplay was pretty good. I couldn't get many of the levels on the first try, so I had to experiment around with how to solve the level. I managed to finish the whole thing, though. The game was a bit frustrating, but in a good way. The art was very charming.  So I liked it a lot! If you expand it I'll definitely play it!


but if you use "Input.GetKeyDown" was better then "Input.GetKey"

but still I Love it :) <3


The pixel art is simply brilliant! For some of the levels, it actually took a few minutes before it clicked in my head, but it was totally worth it. :) The collapse of the friable fields in combination with the jump stamina mechanics was a good design decision, which brought me much joy. All in all, it is a well-done and very charming puzzle game. <3 So I recommended your game in one of our compilation articles about the Ludum Dare 42 and showed one minute of gameplay in the accompanying video. :) Great work!

Best wishes,


Thanks a lot Sebastian ! It means a lot !